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Even though this term might make you think of ocean fishing, deep sea fishing refers to that which is performed in waters as large as or larger than lakes. Rivers and ponds are not “deep sea fishing” as the water is usually too shallow. Deep sea fishing is carried out in coastal waters where lots of large fish species make their home.

Open sea fishing necessitates a bigger boat for the operation in order to transport the catch and manoeuvre. Such a boat should have enough room for the fishing crew and also for the equipment needed to catch and store these big fish. Such a boat is intended to stand up to strong winds and bad weather at sea and to gain access to the fishing area safely and quickly.

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The wide range of fish that are caught in deep sea fishing includes marlins, swordfish, sailfish, large tunas and various types of sharks. There are also smaller species of fish captured at the same time with these large ones. However, the former are not part of the plan. These come as by-catch or, if caught intentionally, they are meant to be turned into bait for the larger fishes.

Deep sea fishing has been practised in mainly the same areas throughout the time since this occupation became known and later still it became a profitable business. California, Nova Scotia, Hawaii, Florida and New Zealand are among the most common of locations. One of the advantages of those areas is that the possibility of catching big fish along the coasts is triple compared to other regions where the various large species live in deeper waters.

Deep sea fishing involves several techniques out of which the most common is trolling, that is a form of angling performed by drawing a baited line on the bottom of the ocean. The bait usually is squid or other smaller fish caught for baiting purposes and it is cast behind the boat. The stabilizers behind the boat also called outriggers work great in spreading and enlarging the area for catching the fish. Another technique is the chumming or chunking which requires that large pieces of bait fish get thrown overboard in order to attract the desired larger species.

So, as to be expected, deep sea game fishing has reached unparalleled proportions in terms of its extent because of people’s demand for large fish in their kitchen or restaurant. These days, various fish food diets have actually become first-class aids to healthy living and many people are giving up red meat for this lite-fat, white kind.

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