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Planet Earth and The Blue Planet Box Set (9 Discs)

Sea-doo® watercraft are made to last at least a decade, that’s a decade of coasting across the waves on the most exhilarating PWC out there. A decade of unforgettable weekends with the family. A decade of leaving the work week in your wake. A decade of lat-out fun – but memories that last a lifetime.

And now, we’ve taken the best PWC experience possible and made it even better with our revolutionary iControl™ it’s the most advanced system of intelligent technologies available for a watercraft, and it’s designed to give you more control than you’ve ever had on the water.

You’re not picking out a PWC to spend a fun weekend or two with. We’re talking long-term relationship. So look closely at our luxury performance line – the sleek platforms, the timeless design, the legendary Rotax 4-teC engines. And, of course, the countless luxury features that put these models in the most elite class possible.
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The raw power of the muscle craft line is like nothing else on the water. take the 2-seat RxP-X, for example. its 255 hp engine rockets you from 0-50 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. that’s quicker to speed than a ferrari f430, or the 3-seat Rxt-X and Rxt. in an independent test by PWC enthusiasts’ web site greenhulk.net, they went from 0-50 in 3.07 seconds and 3.49 seconds, respectively, beating out both the Kawasaki ultra 250 (3.52 seconds) and Yamaha fx SHo (3.63 seconds). And then there’s the 3-seat Rxt iS, also featuring a 255 hp engine, plus exclusive iControl technology. Plenty of muscle to power your decade.
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Nothing brings a family together like a day on the water. or a few days. or, for that matter, a decade. So tell the kids to put away their video games, their MP3 players and any other electronic excuses for fun, and have them jump onto a Sea-doo PWC. time for some real fun. And some real memories. Plus, because the recreation models offer the best fuel efficiency in the Sea-doo watercraft lineup, those memories don’t have to break the bank.
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The work week ends. You round up the family, grab the wake boards and skis, and head for the lake. You strap the tow rope to the PWC and take off. Wait … the PWC? Absolutely. Sea-doo’s WAKE models are the first and only PWCs designed specifically for tow sports. Your decade of thrills awaits.
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