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The Blobfish also called Psychrolutes marcidus isn't one of the most beautiful creatures on the world, it's just like one peace of fat in the worst case. The Blobfish exists mostly out of a gelatinous mass with a density that's less then water. This fish lives on depths where the pressure is so high that each bone of a normal creature would explode. Because of the low density of his gelatinous mass he can float above the sea bottom.

The blobfish looks likes something out of a cartoon. Or it would, if there was a cartoon about the unfortunate adventures of the grumpiest, ugliest fish on earth. Don't blame the blobfish, though.

To survive the intense pressure at depths of 1000m and more, its body is largely made up of a jelly-like substance slightly less dense than water. The jelly allows it to float just above the sea floor without having to expend energy on swimming. So lazy as well as ugly, then.

It's a very weak muscular fish that needs to spare its energy, it actually waits for its pray to come close enough to attack. No need for big muscles on these depths.

Blobfish (Psychrolutes species) don’t need muscles – they have a feeding strategy that consists of sitting and waiting for something edible to go by. As well as that, their jelly-like flesh is slightly lighter than water, so they don’t need to expend energy or scarce oxygen to stop themselves from sinking towards the sea floor.

This low-density flesh is an alternative to a gas-filled swim bladder, a feature of many fish in less deep waters. However, at 800 metres deep the pressure is about 80 times higher than at sea level, so any gas would be too compressed to serve the purpose. Also in this photograph is a small red snailfish, another deep-water species with a jelly-like layer.

The pressure where the Blobfish lives is actually 80 times higher then normal sea level.

These Blobfishs live in Australia and Tasmania on depths of 800 meters. They are rarely seen or found, but some people who throw their nets into the deep sea have a possibility to catch these strange looking creatures.

To remain buoyant, the flesh of the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than water; this allows the fish to float above the sea floor without expending energy on swimming. The relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage.

Due to the inaccessibility of its habitat, it is rarely seen by humans. Blobfish are found at depths where the pressure is several dozens of times higher than at sea level, which would likely make gas bladders inefficient.

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